In January 2023, the Ecumenical Network of South Sudan conducted an annual meeting At the South Sudan Council of Churches secretariat office in Juba, South Sudan. Among the issues raised, the unity among church leaders was emphasized. It was firmly stated by the church leaders that there is a need for reflection on their working relationships among themselves and with the council secretariat.

As a result, a retreat for church leaders of the South Sudan Council of Churches was conducted from 25th to 27th April 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda. This retreat was organized to create a space for church leaders to promote unity and reconciliation among churches in South Sudan while developing strategies for the maintenance and continuous existence of the South Sudan Council of Churches.

The main objective of the retreat was to reflect on the status of the relationship among church leaders in pursuit of peace and reconciliation in South Sudan, enhance a robust governance system of the SSCC, and establish strong cooperation between church leaders and the secretariat of the South Sudan Council of Churches.

Thirty-one (33) participants attended the retreat; six church leaders of the SSCC, two Emeritus Bishops, ten members of the SSCC executive committee, five staff from the SSCC secretariate, the General Secretary of Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA), five church leaders from Rwanda and four members of the Ecumenical Network of South Sudan.

In their final remarks, the church leaders and members of the Executive Committee agreed to adhere to the timelines set for each action plan and expressed commitment to ensuring that the South Sudan Council of Churches sustainably exists and continues to work for peace and the glory of God.


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