South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) through her Action Plan for Peace (APP) under the Pillar of Neutral Forum, a Strategy intentionally developed to create safe and free space for communities, has continued to journey with the people of South Sudan at all levels for peaceful dialogue and resolution of conflicts among the conflicting parties and communities across the Country. 

Under the Neutral pillar, the leadership of South Sudan Council of Churches paid a solidarity visit to Malakal the capital city of Upper Nile state in South Sudan. Upper Nile is subdivided into 13 counties, Baliet County, Fashoda County, Longechuk County, Maban County, Malakal County, Manyo County, Maiwut County, Melut County, Nasir County, Panyikang County, Renk County, Ulang County, and Akoka County 

Throughout 2013 South Sudan crisis, Upper Nile State continues to experience devastating violent conflicts that has taken different shape of division among the communities along tribal lines and parties. As 2021 brought hope to the people of South Sudan unfortunately Upper Nile State, conflict continues with a rise in revenge and target killings, wild spread of hates speeches and other violent conflict among the communities. 

The visit that was headed by Fr James OYET LATANSIO, the General Secretary, of South Sudan Council of Churches aimed at creating a free space for peaceful conflict resolution and reconciliation among the communities to pave way for truthful conversation to end the misunderstandings, mistrust, hatred and divisions among the leaders and elites within the community. 

This initiative targeted the Local Church Leaders (ICCs), youth, Community leaders and elders, the Women. 


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